9 September 2013

Final stages of the Knife-and-Fork flat in Brussels! And what a transformation it has been.

Scroll down to see what the bedroom looked like five months ago: starting point were two Ikea wardrobes, five wardrobe doors bought five years ago (and then neatly tucked away) and a chimney breast that doubled as a book case.
The surplus doors had been in their boxes for five years, so some discolouring shows. We chopped up two doors to make small cupboards above the big wardrobes.

Around the doors we fitted MDF panels, painted white. At the request of the client a small blind cupboard was created in the left plinth for the ironing board (just visible).

The doors work well with the pale oak floor boards.
Work in progress. Simple shelving units made to measure around the chimney breast and the two standard sized wardrobes.

Note that the wall has an indent to the right of the chimney in order to align the last doors with the windows.
The indent will have a small light fitting.
And this is the other side of the room.  Three stripes of wallpaper and linen light mauve curtains.
And this is what it looked like five months ago. 

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