29 September 2013

Two projects in Brussels were completed this month.  This flat, an airy and spacious 1960s flat needed a complete overhaul: new floors, new kitchen, new bathroom and new electricity. It was completed on schedule in July.

This month snags were resolved and the kitchen worktop (in white composite) was installed.

Have a look around. Scroll down to see a picture of how the kitchen looked before.

The choice of blue for one of the walls (and keeping the old blue tiles in the kitchen) were the most hotly debated decisions of this project...
The kitchen was opened up to the living area. It has large concrete grey tiles on the floor and as splash back, except for one wall where we kept the blue 1960s tiles.

The living room floor (and throughout the rest of the apartment) the floor is light oak. We swopped the dining and reception areas around so that the table is in line with the opening to the kitchen. Paintings were concentrated on the wall behind the dining table.
The bookcase consisted of two half-high parts. We had one fitted on top of the other to give the whole a sleeker look.

The kitchen has splashes of colour, and combines different materials: high gloss doors and rustic oak doors. Note the pale blue original tiles.

The worktop continues down to the floor on the visible side of the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen floor tiles were partly extended into the living room
Before and after: photo below shows the look from the same vantage point as this one.

The back of the kitchen cabinet in the living room in  a dark grey finish.
The view from the living room.

Click here www.rutgerhopster.com to see more photos of this three-month transformation process.

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