11 October 2013

An entry on the work in progress on my own flat in Brussels. This was a 1960s parking garage (yes, really). Conveniently located, but in a strange area of town. Transformed into an apartment block two years ago, by knocking the central part of the building out and dividing it up.
My flat is half open-plan. The drawbacks: no obvious separate work area (and I don't want to see printers, files and cables when I am not working!), the kitchen work area in a dark corner, and in a strange way, the flat lacked (my) character. A challenge to put my work experience to use on myself.

In this photo a view towards a rusty wall with a window towards the bathroom. Both disappear in my design.
The kitchen problem was easily solved: we opened up a wall towards the west-facing bedroom, letting in lots of light on the worktop.  Lack of privacy? Wait until you see the solution to that in a next blog...
The second problem of the workspace is being solved at the moment by creating a wooden wall that will wind from end of the flat to the other. It fits with the style concept I thought up (I'll explain that another time) and creates at one end a separate workspace. I am still looking for a light brown finish that will stop the oak from turning the place into an orange honeypot over time.
Together with the horizontal wood cladding, there are two items that were at the basis of my style inspiration: a nest of tables from my parents from the eighties and an old set of oak front doors from friends their house.

In a few weeks' time I should be able to show you how they were used and to what effect.

The flat is not big for two, so using the space cleverly is essential: built-in bed and wardrobe with storage space under the bed as well. It looks pretty uninspiring at the moment. Wait until it is finished (even I have to tell myself...).

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