15 October 2013

The shed-look for my flat in Brussels is coming together... Most of the wood has now been mounted and looks great! Note that the planks slot into each other at 45 degree angles. Thanks to the Neues Museum in Berlin - spotted it there and quite liked it.
Old solid oak doors, now entering a second life as faux doors only hiding an internal window, provide depth and structure. The next few days the work area will be constructed and mounted, with integrated aquarium (all this sounds a bit like 007 in a Shanghai hotel room - I hope it works out...).

Still discussing (with builder and anybody who wants to hear about it...) the stain for the wood. Also unsure as yet whether the doors should have doorknobs again.
The kitchen wall has been done as well; all wood cut at a 45 degree angle. An internal window to the bedroom (with shutter!) provides daylight to the work surface.

Click here www.rutgerhopster.com and scroll down to see more about this flat in progress.

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