8 November 2013

Amsterdam, Kunstkammer update II of this week: The wooden floors are in and a start has been made placing the partition between front and back. Old windows reused as kitchen cupboard doors. To the left the new front room with exposed beams. (Scroll all the way down to see a bird's eye view of the apartment.)
The new floor. Dusty and all. Untreated. It will be slightly white-washed and mat varnished.

Pewter plates will go on the walls. I got them at auction in London. They are not very popular at the moment, so not too expensive to buy.
The front room's ceiling. Note the beam reinforcements going into the wall.
A testrun for the skirting and architraves. In the end we decided to keep the architraves around the doors very small (2 cm), the skirting boards will be more traditional, at 12 cm.
Curtain fabrics: the most expensive option.  Chocolate brown or purple silk. Beautiful.
Thin voile to hang in front of the other front window. My design involves window dressings that will not really be opened and closed a lot.
Alternative, cheaper solution purple cotton for the curtains, photographed against a jute which I am thinking of using for the cushion in the windowsill. I think it will go very well with the rustic ceiling beams.
The design: to the left the different components of the window dressing. To the right the kitchen and the recessed cupboard. In the middle, the new separation between front and back.

Click here www.rutgerhopster.com  to see more on this project.

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