6 November 2013

Amsterdam update: with the plasterboard ceiling out, we spent this week moving cables and pipes out of the way, so the old ceiling beams and planks are free. (Pictures of work in progress are not always the most inspiring ones. But bear with me: they will soon improve.)

This is a picture of the former metre cupboard in the future Kunstkammer-salon. Photo below is the before. The red pipes are heating, yellow are electricity. Both will be redirected along the staircase.
Before: metre cupboard with the plasterboard ceiling still in.
This is the ceiling near the windows, with all the casing, curtain rails and white painted planks out. Two cables will run in the corner of the beam and planks from one side of the room to the other.
Meanwhile, I have researched possible colour schemes. Seventeenth century Dutch: think dark brown wooden ceiling and lighter wooden (bleached?) floor and ebony furniture. I intend to use oversized herborium wallpaper. Colours: rusty red (very Dutch), mauve (based on some of the herborium flowers) and pewter-led grey.

This is a Farrow & Ball colour selection. The red is slightly brighter than rusty red to go with the flowers in the wallpaper and is intended for the new metre cupboard doors. The grey is for doors, skirting and architraves. The mauve is for two canvasses in the salon.      
Similar colour combination in Dulux. I am slightly worried by the brightness of the green of the plants. With both brands, the white I selected to go with the background of the herborium paper.
Heating pipes redirected, this is where a new separation between the kitchen and salon will be built.

More to follow soon!

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