24 December 2013

For this Christmas I leave you with a few pictures of the Kunstkammer project in Amsterdam; or how you can take a plasterboard box back to a more suitable era, in keeping with the great views along a canal.

It is not finished, but we are getting there. Scroll down to the very last picture, to see what the starting point was. It was taken roughly from the same position as the first two photos.

Merry Christmas to you all!

A tour of the front room. Original beam ceiling re-exposed. All furniture from an Amsterdam auction house www.deeland.nl. Windowsills,  cupboards and skirting boards made to measure. Curtains designed by me.
Tin plates on ribbons still need to go up. Wallpaper to measure by www.mrperswall.nl.
The best thing about the flat is the view. Curtain and blinds, are for show, really. They both add intimacy, but don't obstruct the view.
Both mirror and print are suitably weathered. The print shows a scene of Amsterdam two street beyond this canal.
Close up of the DIY blinds. Fabric from www.capsicum.nl.

View from the kitchen-dining room where the style becomes slightly more 'elegant'. All second-hand doors and oak floor boards from www.restoric.nl, near Amsterdam.

The print is of the islands above the Netherlands; think Hanseatic routes. The chinese lacquer cabinet is for drinks. In the kitchen cupboard an early Biedermeier samovar.

All colours after www.farrow-ball.com

Next year more pictures will follow of the dining area.  
Upstairs, the unfinished bedroom.
And this was the starting point: ceiling beams boxed in, laminate flooring and plasticky sliding doors...

For more pictures on this project and the discovery of the ceiling beams, see www.rutgerhopster.com and scroll down. 

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