17 December 2013

Mid-december and I struggle to see the Highgate project in proper daylight. Here is a suitable picture, taken today: light at the end of the tunnel (?). The flat is ready and painted. Now we have to organise the furniture.

This is a display cabinet in the hallway, waiting for its glass shelves.
Ah, more daylight through the new (Georgian) sash windows. The walls are a suitable December colour: cool blue-ish-grey, it complements the warm dark wooden floor. We opened up the hallway to the living room. It makes stepping into the flat a delight.
More floor and window, at the front.
On the walls opposite the windows we painted rectangles, like panelling, woodwork still needs to be painted.
The rectangles continue on the other side of the hallway, into the bedroom. To the right the new opening to the hallway with new cornicing and a lowered ceiling to visually separate the hallway from the living room.
And this is the view from the back of the house to the front, looking through new double doors into the guest room. The strip of light to the right is the new display cabinet. The photo below shows the same view from before the works.
More photos on this project? Click here www.rutgerhopster.com and scroll down.

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