3 December 2013

My weekly update on the Kunstkammer project in Amsterdam. Progress is sometimes difficult to see. There are moments the flat is clean, and the floor is shining (as it was this week for the varnishing), but then quickly dust, tools, off-cuts and rubbish take over again. The aim is to have it ready by the end of next week.

The furniture has arrived. Suitably unfashionable, but in keeping with the style we are trying to achieve. Skirting boards are in, walls have been plastered, ready for their first coat of paint, and oversized-plants-wallpaper.
 Close-up of the wallpaper.
Red is fiendishly difficult to photograph. I had selected a shade inspired by the rust-red shutters of the Oude Kerk opposite, but then slightly brighter, to stand up against the wallpaper (see below).
It will be a match, I think. The Chinese-inspired drinks cabinet will most likely end up in the kitchen.
Furniture against a mauve wall. The mauve will be used for the Kammer as well.

For more entries on this project, click on www.rutgerhopster.com, and scroll down.

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