13 February 2014

This is the mood board for a project in Amsterdam, a little bit of nouveau chic for a suite of reception rooms with heirlooms.

The challenges are a predominance of dark brown (the floor and faux mahogany paneling) and the position of the main room, with reduced daylight. My idea is to add brighter colours to make the rooms more inviting and to link them together.

As we are implementing the project, I find myself revisiting this happy mood board every now and then.
A look through the actual lay-out, from the middle room to the front (to the left on the drawing below).
A drawing of the proposed lay-out. Windows are to the left and right. The room in the middle is used as the main reception. To the right is a small conservatory, with two double doors letting light into the main room.

This is not a project about building works or buying new furniture, but a discrete reconfiguring. The sofa in the picture above is being re-upholstered in a light blue fabric and will be placed against the main wall.
These close-ups show the introduction of colour. An art work in the colour scheme of the mood board has been added above the mantle piece. The walls were repainted a brighter white and the floors sanded and oiled making both a shade lighter.

All yellow and creamy lampshades were replaced with mauve, blue, grey and white ones.
In order to unite the three rooms visually, we added three panels in mauve with sconces. The cables are neatly hidden behind the panels.

We are now in the process of selecting a rug. This is one of the runners-up: grey with a yellow-golden pattern.
The newly treated parquet floor. The art work hangs in such a way that it hides thermostat and sockets, all placed on the middle of the wall years ago...

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