24 March 2014

This project has been rumbling along for too long, but we are now almost there. A minimalist space, with large concrete beams, and a concrete floor. A bit too minimalist to my taste.

Here are five steps I follow in making a space work (not in a hard and fast order):

Step 1: decide what you like and don't like about the space. In this case, I liked the flow of the space but didn't like the internal window towards the bathroom.
Step 2: decide what functionalities you want the space to have; in working with the space, decide how you want and need to adapt it. In this case I hid the window behind old faux doors and emphasised the flow of the space by adding an internal wall with an aquarium. Behind the wall is now a workspace.
Step 3: work out how your furniture fits the space. Do it beforehand. And decide what needs to go and what can stay (for now), to be changed later.

In this case, the dining table had to be changed now (not visible in these pictures). I decided that the sofas and rugs could be changed later.
Step 4: decide on a colour scheme and stick to it. In this case: brown (dark wood); grey (concrete floor and supporting rugs); and green. The background is obviously white. The shade of the green bookcase was based on the 1980s tiled low tables in the foreground. The green in them is hardly visible, but they match up perfectly.
Step 5: flow, what is the movement in the space, beyond a seating area and dining area? I don't like obvious groupings. I prefer 'accidental' set-ups. In this case, I wanted to keep the flow towards the big windows, overlooking the city, free, whilst positioning the sofas in such a way that different lines of vision would open up.

What do you think?

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