7 March 2014

Making your own flat into a design project, as if I were my own client, has become a useful reality check: progress is painfully slow, and I now fully appreciate clients who can't wait to see the back of builders and their rubbish.

I had hoped we could clean the new place in Brussels this week and unpack boxes. No way. Deeply frustrated we left again.

All the outlines of what it will look like are there; but nothing is ready, except the bookcase and the wood cladding. Below is the built-in bed with storage space.
I designed the bookcase like a regular subdivided crate. The colour goes with 1980s tiled coffee tables. The green also lifts the brown of the sofas and the wood.

As we unpacked the books, I configured some of the furniture. For those of you who have read earlier posts about this project, the theme is loosely based on a furniture storage shed.      
It does look like a furniture shed at the moment. Mission accomplished? For more entries on this delayed project, go to www.rutgerhopster.com, and scroll down four or five photos.

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