23 April 2014

This is a flat in Berlin. I designed the interior lay-out. I remember working on it on New Year's day 2013, when it was still an empty shell. The flat is now ready, both on inside and outside. The interior decoration is to follow.

Click www.rutgerhopster.com to see more about the design options that were considered at the time.

Here are some pictures of the key features of the flat: double glass doors, like an old-fashioned suite of rooms, to make as much as possible of the width of the flat and the view at the back; and the central columns that define the central space.

View towards the living room at the back.
View towards the front and the kitchen. Note the light blue slit in the wall, which is actually a window, creating the effect of a third free-standing pillar.
The bathrooms are in chocolate brown and cream, ...
... a great LED track light system and small lights behind the pillars.

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