13 May 2014

A spot of online rug hunting - black and white was the brief - and I came across these great designs in New Zealand wool from Nani Marquina (www.nanimarquina.com). Spanish design does more to my taste buds then Italian design: it tries to be less clever and somehow succeeds better (apologies for the gross generalisation here).

This rug was my runner-up, really: traditional design in an understated finish. Not suitable for every interior, but would be great for the project I was looking for.

Other black, grey and white rugs with a pattern of some sort, can be found with: www.designersguild.com (yes, they do have black and white); Brink & Campman, check out www.rugstorene.co.uk, or www.nest.co.uk; Mexx offers a black and white medallion in a rectangular rug via www.modern-rugs.co.uk.   

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