5 May 2014

The Brussels Design Market happens twice a year in the run down postal distribution building of Tour and Taxis. Most of the mid-Victorian constructions have been restored, but this one is waiting for something good.

The early glass and iron structure is a fitting backdrop to how mid-century design pieces combine well with older antiques. I am a strong advocate of mixing the two. To my taste, magazines show too many houses with only modernist to 1960s furniture. More mixing and matching is needed.
Lots of inspiration though...  
...the one item I hesitated and hesitated about, was this leather and chrome Flexform footstool, 1980-1990s? €350. It folds up. I tried to get the price down to 250, but I think the seller was wise to say no.
These interior drawings for (Zaventem?) airport looked cool too. It made me think of how lay-outs of restaurants remain by and large the same. We would now think the interior too austere, but back then, in the 1950s, it was a breath of fresh air after centuries of opulence (for those who could afford it) and frilly interiors and facades.
To add to the atmosphere, there was a large retro tent with caravans parked around it at one end of the building.

Next market is mid-September: www.designseptember.be. Early booking tickets are for free.

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