8 August 2014

After four months of hard work this Brussels project is coming together - a large flat that needed an overhaul after 12 years.

Kitchen and bathrooms replaced, new heating system, new double glazing, door openings added and other closed off, lighting changed and especially, at request of the client, lots of storage space.

The cupboards and bookcases will be installed the coming weeks. At the moment it is an empty, but freshly painted and spacious shell, with all the technical stuff tucked away in the walls.

Floors varnished in ultra-mat. I recommend it. It really looks like wax, with no ugly varnish sheen.

Guest bathroom.
Staircase waiting for a new railing and a huge bookcase.

More bookcases. This space used to be two rooms. They were merged and now provide a huge and bright work area.

Taking out one wall, opened up a view to three large light wells: this is the roof light well, in the photo below one in the corner of the room.

The patchy pine floor upstairs was stained black and then varnished in mat (not ultra-mat here - this would have absorbed too much light).
The upstairs colour scheme, night blue, taupe and white. Most wall light fittings were replaced with white cubes.
And if you think this project looks like a walk in the park - this is what it looked like two months ago...

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