23 August 2014

I like wallpaper, as long as it doesn't stretch from one corner of a wall to another, in the conventional way. One day, I would like to try a combination of several patterns in one space or even on one wall. Any takers, please step forward.

My preference is for soft blurred lines, but here I have included two crisp designs as well, for those of you looking for something sharper.

All are from www.cole-and-son.com, except Jardin Boheme it is by http://www.harlequin.uk.com.

Folie Parterre 99/2006, with Dutch silver trellis basket.
Bali, 93/4013 and a bottle of olive oil. This has no repeat for roughly 6 m2.
Another wallpaper from the series Folie, Bagatelle 99/5026 and an old East German packet of safety matches.
Jardin Boheme 110646 Shri by www.harlequin.uk.com and a chocolate cup, copy of an 18th century model by Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris.
Geometric Hexagon 93/1002 and a box of matches.
Foundation Tweed 92/4016 and a brass candlestick. Harlequin produces a similar one; pattern 110690 Tota.
Pompeian 66/3018 and a Zecar flywheel car.

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