11 September 2014

The Brussels flat I have been working on has had  cupboards and bookcases placed.

There was a need for music storage, a kitchen storage cupboard, a bookcase and wardrobes.

I worked on the basis of something modern, but not too sleek, informal and with no repetitive and clear linear structure. I took my inspiration from Rietveld and Mondriaan.

The music and kitchen cupboards are both visible at the same time, so they were designed as one (see third photo below), with the carcasses in varnished multiplex, with recessed doors in three colours, mainly off-white.  Nowhere do these two cupboards have crosses (ie four doors placed in a regular quadrant). The doorhandles are round holes.  
Kitchen cupboard and drinks cabinet with niches and a drawer.
A view of both cupboards. Note that the kitchen cupboard is recessed in the wall and that the height of the niche on the left cupboard is aligned with the height of the niche on the right cupboard. A few doors are still missing.
In the guest room the wardrobe has a more regular division, with a finish in birch. To the left is the walk-in guest shower.
The bookcase on the staircase is more Mondriaan in colours. The bookcase wraps around the full two flights of staircase and landing and I didn't want it to be too oppressive when walking up the stairs; none of the sides is of the same height and overall it moves  counter to the movement of the stairs. Small light wall mounts follow the movement of the bookcase.    
Again here, the sides were painted in three colours. 

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