24 November 2014

This great open space apartment is not my doing. Clients bought it like this. It was a garage before and then an office and ten years ago it was transformed to this white structural space. It's a beautiful space, but not that easy to furnish.

To the front is a large and high- ceilinged reception area (to the left in this photo, also visible in the photo below), to the right in the photo, stairs down to the kitchen and living space and stairs up to the bedrooms, study and bathroom.
The main challenge is to find good use for the large space. Its downside is that there are no eye-level windows here.

Clients also want to introduce (some) colour in the present mono-chromatic scheme and they would like a lighting plan in keeping with the space and their furniture.
This was initially the dining area, but I think it much better used as day-time seating area, with an outside view.
The kitchen area has an opening to the large space at the front, and a glass ceiling to the space above to make it feel less cavernous. Note how the openings seems to fold from ceiling to wall.
Upstairs, towards the bedrooms.

More to follow on plans, colours and lighting!

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