7 April 2015

I designed this kitchen 12 years ago and I must say it has stood the test of time and usage very well. I still like it in its simplicity. The colour scheme (blue and oak) was chosen to go with the old cement floor tiles.

The bottom part is standard Ikea. The wall plates are spray painted panels glued to the wall. To the right is a column hiding the fridge and oven.
The left part of the kitchen is a slightly higher work surface with with above it worktop to ceiling sliding doors hiding shallow cupboards.

This is a basement flat, so the colour scheme had to be brighter to give warmth to the place.
Off the living room and kitchen is the sleeping area. The wardrobes are Ikea. At the time I bought a few extra doors which I cut up and fitted around the wardrobes to give this a built-in look.
View towards the small terrace and garden. This flat was featured in Gael Maison 10 years ago. Now ready for a new tenant.

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