27 July 2015

I created a wall of wood in my flat. Why? With a floor to ceiling window, I didn't like the difference in wall and floor treatment inside and outside (terrace). It looked messy. Also, I wanted more privacy outside.

The photo below shows the 'messy' view.

We bought wooden planks of different width and painted them in the same grey as the window frame.
And this is the result. Functional stuff: it has a display niche; to its right there are (hidden) storage shelves. To the left of the niche it hides the radiator (there are gaps between the planks for air circulation). Outside it incorporates a storage cupboard for pots.
The niche has an LED strip light; at night it looks great!
And from another angle it looks like this. The photo is a bit messy, but you get the idea. I now want to buy another chair and lamp. The painting ended up slightly too low. It should go up 10 or 20 cms.

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