6 October 2015

This apartment serves as a backdrop to an intimate collection of paintings. Walls and ceilings are white, in fact, everything is white, except the parquet floor. The understated colours that were added, through rugs, sofa's, chairs, cushions and curtains, were all about supporting the art work: shades of pale aubergine, taupe, light blue, gold and brown.
Cabinets on either side of the mantelpiece in structured white panels, sixties-inspired chair in rattan, to liven the place up and two round footstools to provide informality.
Monochrome rugs in aubergine and cream.

Old table new chairs, in taupe and light blue.
Like all the furniture and rugs, everything has been placed off-centre to create a flow in the two formal rooms.

Some of the larger paintings with frames would be too imposing for the space, so we split them up: The frame of the man in the photo below hangs on its own in the dining area, framing a much smaller painting.

The thin curtains in the bedroom are two layers of blue, hanging about 30 cm apart from each other, creating a theatrical, yet intimate atmosphere.

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