31 May 2017

I 'dressed' a house in Wassenaar, in the Netherlands, ready for it to be put on the market. It had already been decluttered by the owner, but they then got stuck: how best to present it?

It needed to appeal to young parents with school-going children, but it presented itself more as a slightly dated, heavy on the mahogany house that had been lived in for a long time.

I was given free-range to instruct a painter, take things out, borrow furniture from their friends and buy additional items to dress. In three days the house got a television programme-style make-over, ready for the photographer to take pictures.

My overall aim was to present a more relaxed, welcoming and contemporary atmosphere, mixing antiques with modern furniture and abstract art. Even though the colour scheme is still very subdued, I added blues and reds to liven it up. The touches of red also helped me tie the only red room upstairs into the overall scheme. Not everything required major change, sometimes it was about a better light bulb.

The first photos are impressions, scroll down for before-after composite photos.


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