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My style: modern and older, with bold colours (not necessarily bright!). In putting a space together, I focus strongly on interaction: how does a chair work with what's around it? And on flow: how can functional areas flow from one into another?

Centrale Montemartini in Rome: it summarises well my ideas. (All photos on this website are by me, unless specifically stated.)

What about me? I studied interior design at Chelsea College of Art in London three years ago and started working as an independent designer at the same time.

I have always had a strong interest in architecture and design and how spaces work and what we do with them. And here was my chance to help other people on their way! I have lived in Amsterdam, Brussels and London; speak English, French and Dutch. My projects tend to be in those three places.
What do I offer? I do residential projects. From design, specifications, sourcing to implementation. I can work out a style-concept and consult you on items to add or change or manage a project from start to finish. I do small projects (one room), design kitchens and larger-scale refurbishments.

I can organise and supervise building works for extensions or internal changes, and submit requests for planning notification or permission. Where needed, I work with a qualified engineer or architect for structural work.

This is a mood board done for a client in Amsterdam.
How do I work? Generally, I follow three steps: work out proposals (mood boards, hand-drawn or  CAD-plans, etc) based on your wishes and needs; then agree details, costing and source items, products and craftsmen; and then step three, implement it, delivering a new look or a new space.

Each step has deliverables, and after each one you decide whether you want to go ahead with the next one or not. The steps give an idea how a project is structured, they are not rigid. They all depend on the type of project.

Fees: per step and agreed with you beforehand. Step one and two tend to be fixed rate, and step three a percentage of the project works.

A detailed scale-model of a flat in Amsterdam. The challenge was to break up the long and narrow living space and integrate the small room better in the main area.

Last, but not least: DIY. Most of my clients find it handy that I know how to operate a drill, assemble furniture and hang lamps. So, I offer those services as part of completing a design project. So when I leave, your house is completely ready and you can get on with your life! Fee rate per day. 

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