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This project took five months to prepare and was executed in three months; on time and almost on budget. Everything was replaced inside, except the heating system and the lay-out of the flat. With no bathroom and kitchen and electricity, the client had to move out for a few months.

The brief was to update, to brighten, to add colour, to provide a solution to the separate kitchen, but to keep the whole place private and without pretence.

The kitchen was opened up to the living room, the honey coloured parquet was replaced with a pale oak. The door to the hallway was closed off and the whole wall used for storage space and partly built-in appliances.
One wall with old 1960s tiles was kept. The kitchen combines different materials and colours, and the white worktop continues into the living area.
Before and after: the picture below is taken from the same vantage point as this one.

The sofa served as an inspiration for the additional colour in the kitchen and some of the doors in the corridor (see below).
In the entrance and bedroom wallpaper was added at the request of the client. A beautiful golden and white-green paper.
And this is the corridor from roughly the same point of view before the works.

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