| Amsterdam | Oud Zuid

This was a project in Amsterdam. The client wanted a soothing and clean interior, with lots of easy storage space.

We agreed on zebrano-veneered panels which give warmth to the place and complement the red-brown floor. The panels hide a storage facility in the middle of the room, which partly serves to break up the 11-metre long space. Curtains in a mustard-yellow linen are all hung asymmetrically on rails that follow corners and bay windows. This was done to make the space feel less like a rectangular box.    

The side-room, now a library, repeats the panelling. The shelves are repeated on other walls.
A large grey rug was added. We also added a black chair, black low table and black pendant over the dinner table. Other light fittings are repeated elsewhere to tie everything together.

A general impression of the room now. The photo below shows how it was.

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